Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Horrible Tuesday
Goodness, we have had a most unpleasant day, with D being totally obnoxious. Sylvain was here yesterday, and until lunchtime today, and Nicky did manage to have a talk with him about our little problem.

I spent all morning in a meeting, came back to find the database was unusable and told D a short while ago, only to get screamed at for not telling him this morning. I walked out of his office, rude little man. I heard from one friend of mine today that everyone on her team was appalled by the way he treated me during the team presentation, they are all saying they never want to have to work with him.

Not only that, my cold has got worse, and I just had to go out to the pharmacy, where, thank goodness, there was a nice man......... I shouldn't be taking over the counter cold stuff, but I have to risk it now.

D is now in his office with Leo, and we have just heard him drumming his heels madly, it is like an AK47...........
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