Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Somewhat More Cheerful
Much better today, I spent the morning doing question & answer with Rosetta, then having a meeting about reports with Andreas - then I went out to lunch with Nicky, as my regular lunch partner, David, was ensconced with the client and Leo, the new PD. Since then I have been trying to catch up on my re-testing.

Last night when I got home, the bright green fabric for "Mermaids Singing Each to Each", the TS Eliot design from the Workbasket had arrived, with the Watercolours Budding Leaf thread. It is incredibly vibrant........... I've now examined my stock of Weeks Dye Works, the ones I brought back from Paris with me, and ordered the missing colours from CrissCross Row, who only list the colours they have in stock. It drives me mad when I order something from elsewhere, and they send an email saying "because one colour of thread is missing, we are going to delay all the 1000 other things that you actually need right now!"

I have nearly, nearly, nearly got to the end of the flowers and leaves on the Lefkaritika - I call them stars, but really they are daisies surrounded by leaves. Still have eleven openwork motifs to do, of course, but let's tackle that one after the weekend in Agia Napa.

Did I say about the weekend in Agia Napa? It's a work thing, our European Professional Services annual meeting, likely there will be some very unprofessional behaviour. I guess there will be about 50 people there, plus hangers on. There will be an excursion on the Saturday afternoon, and a dinner at a restaurant on Saturday evening, and we are expected to arrive by 4pm on Friday. Apart from that, goodness knows what they are planning, probably end to end boring talks and other people who like the sounds of their own voices. At least we are being driven there by Leo - the alternative was too horrible to contemplate, you can guess what that was. Actually Nicky says Leo is not that great a driver, but of course he is much better company than the alternative, who is a shocking driver - he nearly killed Alec and me one day - plus no-one wants to spend more than a minute with him.

I just hope we get there in one piece, that I have an OK room, that it is not too boring, that I get some time to slope off and have a sleep. I am taking the Lefkaritika, as actually people are fairly impressed when they see it, and I think I can do tsimbi during meetings, if they are just sitting and listening ones. I actually had it in the office in Paris, in order to show it to Laure, and Sylvain walked past and said, my God, did you do that? I horrified him by saying, well, you could do it too, all you need is a little patience and manual dexterity.

I should see all my friends there, although David is not coming, he has to be in Israel this weekend. But Alec, Nicky and Leo will be there, as well as a heap of people from London and Paris. Not Laure, she was disinvited because she resigned, but Lucie from Paris, also Roddy, my old PD. Also that old gossip, Franz, who told me today that Aurelien arrived at a client on Monday and they asked for him to be removed on Tuesday. I told Nicky this, and he actually knows the client, and says they do not suffer fools gladly and are probably totally hacked off with our company for sending them Aurelien. Sylvain must be tearing out what little remaining hair he has, wondering what to do with Aurelien - A doesn't want to go anywhere except Cyprus, and he only wants to come here because it's warm and he thinks he can go off every afternoon and chase girls. Of course we don't want him.

Franz always tells things like this one about Aurelien, and I always wonder what he says about me - he thinks I am terribly naive, and he probably tells this to everyone. Of course if I want something to be known generally, or even particularly to Sylvain, I tell Franz quick smart, as I know it will get around as desired. I'm pretty sure Franz gossips about everyone, as he tells me things about David and Alec, and he is always on line with about six people at once.
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