Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Exhausting Day
What a horrible morning! We started having a meeting at 9am where it was perfectly clear that our client had no idea what the meeting was about or what we were going to try to achieve over the next couple of weeks or so. In fact they seemed very puzzled and quite hostile about this, and it took us until 1.30pm to sort this out and come to some sort of agreement as to what we should all do.

By that stage I was practically dead, so was David, so we went to have lunch, I did some shopping - lots of sensitive skin stuff and some new shoes, dark brown sandals to go with my coffee bean colour linen dress. I intend to wear this at the weekend, I am taking quite a lot of clothes, although it is supposed to be casual. But this is WORK, when they say casual, you know that they don't really mean what you actually do wear at the weekend.

The other thing I need to do is sort out how to work this digital camera, but I doubt I shall get a chance to do that tonight. It is 8pm, and I am still here - I left home at 8.02 this morning, and it is five minutes' walk, so this is a long time!
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