Monday, May 08, 2006
Nicosia Again!
Yesterday's plane was crowded as well with French package tourists, all of whom had their entire worldly goods as hand luggage. Actually I had only hand luggage, having left my suitcase full of winter clothes in Paris.

I just had my computer in my back pack, plus a few thousand other things - Elgydium toothpaste, Blondes by John Frieda conditioner (both unobtainable here) and my collection of Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Arts Sampler Threads. I managed to locate these over the weekend, and I have 80 or so skeins altogether. Next task is to print out the lists of colours and work out what I have not got. I just ordered a few missing ones from Silver Needle for my 2006 Collector's Heart from Heart in Hand. It's quite cost effective at present, as the US Dollar is weak against the Euro.

In Paris on Saturday, after my trip to the hairdressers, I did go to Ulla Popken, but they had no dresses there that were in my size, so I shall do the internet thing again, I think. I also went to Des Fils et Une Aiguille (1 rue Chabanais, just off rue des Petits-Champs, the Opera end) and I bought Toccata 1 from Drawn Thread, Sentimental Needlebook from Cherished Stitches and some brown Wichelt linen for the latter. Toccata 1 is lovely and just my sort of thing, that is going to be my next "big project" after the AMAP Quaker. I need to order the threads for it though.

Did more Lefkaritika on the plane back, although did no stitching while I was actually in Paris. I also on the plane bought a small digital camera, which does movies, stills, plays MP3s and is a dictaphone - I just have to figure out how to work it now. I plan to use it mostly for still photography, I don't need a dictaphone or MP3 player (have the Ipod Nano, pink leather case, of course), so the other things are just incidental.

And now that I am back, there is really good news! We are to be delivered from the presence of the unpopular project director! Actually it is he who is moving, to another project far, far away, where we will never see him (hopefully never ever again). We are getting someone else who I don't know, but David and Alec do, they like him. I had hoped they would appoint Nicky as the PD, but evidently not, I don't know whether this is his choice or the powers that be don't think he could do it. The new guy is here already, although we are not supposed to know this yet - although I am not sure how our current lord and master thinks we can't know this, as the new guy came on the same flight as David and Alec yesterday!
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