Wednesday, May 03, 2006
One Day To Paris
Last night I put nearly all my winter clothes that I have down here (i.e. the ones I wear in autumn in Paris) in a suitcase, to take back to Paris and leave there. I don't expect to be here next winter, I talked to Laure yesterday, and as far as she knows, the plan is still that I return to Paris in the autumn to work on a project there. This is a mixed blessing, I have to wonder what will happen with the whole Nicky thing...

In fact, it is pouring with rain now, we were just saying that someone has upset the gods on Mt Olympus, as there are huge thunder and lightning crashes and flashes. Special weather just for Aurelien, I guess.

Have decided to do Lefkaritika on the plane - I should be able to finish the second row of the tsimbi because that does not require any special cutting or close thread trimming, as you leave the threads hanging to be finished in the third row.
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