Friday, May 05, 2006
Friday in Paris
I got here, it was a fairly strenuous trip - as I'm trying to save money, I did not upgrade my ticket, so I had to sit next to two Frenchmen who did not draw breath the entire way. They were flipping through magazines called things like "Nature & Hunting" and "Wild Boar Professional", so I have to wonder what they were doing in Cyprus. Killing things, I guess. The good thing about the flight is that I did get all of the second row of tsimbi done - although I did not do anything since.

Last night I slept from 7pm to 7am with a brief break just after midnight, I was so utterly tired out. Today I've come to the office and by chance our new CEO from the US is here - we have new CEOs regularly, every couple of years, and they are all much the same. This one is from Texas, they often are. He doesn't speak French, they never do. He has talked to us for over an hour without stopping, this again is typical, and now has gone off to lunch with our European MD and a potential client here in Paris. In fact, the one that they are on the verge of signing, and for which I will probably have to return to Paris to work. I will miss Nicosia a lot, and the people there, but it seems I have only a couple of months left.

There is some good news, I went to the bank today, and paid over 4200€, in order to pay off all the rest of the debts that my ex-husband bequeathed me. When this transfer arrives in Australia, I won't owe anyone a penny, as I have also paid my French tax, more than 4000€ also, today. Mind you, I will have very little money left, I think enough to fill my Codevi - this is a French savings account, where you can't keep more than 4600€ (for tax reasons), I have a bit in there already, what I didn't use paying last lot of taxes. I'm also going to open a CEL, this is an account where I can keep up to 15000€, not that I have that much, but you can get interest on it, whereas on the current account that I have to have for paying bills and so on, there is no interest.

Yesterday I went to Le Bon Marche, and today to Loisirs et Creations, neither of them stocks Perle Coton No 8, would you believe? I will try and go to Des Fils et Une Aiguille tomorrow, after the hairdressers. I also have to go to Ulla Popken, to see if I can get another summer dress, I think I need one more. I picked up the black linen one from the Post Office yesterday, and am wearing it today. I have a lot to do tomorrow, hairdressers and so on........... then back to Nicosia on Sunday. No rest for the wicked, as they say.
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