Friday, May 12, 2006
Lefkaritika 8
It was the eighth lesson yesterday, even though the last one I documented here was Lefkaritika 6 - I did sadly miss one last week when I was in Paris.

And I have started my second piece, to be a table runner in the xolouri style - this is a narrow border, involving several meters of four-sided stitch, some rather nice satin stitch shapes with scroll bits which I think are a whipped back stitch and openwork shapes without doves' eyes. Pity, I like the Cypriot doves' eyes, although Kyriaki and Charoula from the class are not keen on them and have not yet mastered them - we others, me, plus Astero, Irini and Androulla, are fine with them and we have all gone on to the xolouri.

I am taking all of this to Agia Napa with me, in the hope that I will get some time to do it. Typically for our company, no schedule for the weekend has yet been presented to us, so goodness knows what we are supposed to be doing. Each project has to give a presentation, we have prepared nothing, I guess our leader intends to do all the talking himself! That will go down well with the bosses.

We plan to leave shortly after lunch, and take the scenic route. Leo, our new leader, is driving, he has me, Alec and Nicky with him. Nicky is in a really good mood, he has made a series of rather risque remarks to me this morning (this is good, further evidence of his loosening up, I hope it will continue). So we may have a good weekend.
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