Thursday, May 25, 2006
Lefkaritika 10
I rushed out this afternoon to go to Lefkaritika, despite the chaos that was whirling around me.... today we went on with the Xolouri, leaning how to do the openwork for that (a bit boring, no eyes, just plain bars) and starting on the satin stitch shapes (quite interesting, but they will go more quickly at home).

I had forgotten to take out my blunt needle and replace it with the sharp one favoured by the locals and got told off for this! In fact, there is no need to use the sharp one, in my opinion, and I keep pricking myself with the damned thing. So I'll go home and use my own.

And it seems we will have another lesson next week, there were only supposed to be ten, but we are behind, that is true, some ladies have not done much at all. Today Astero and Androulla were not there, either, but Irini has already started the next one, which is potamos - means a river, and there is a lot of fearsome cutting.

Now I am back, testing madly, so that our little D does not put me even higher on his Hate List. Leo is on his way to the US for two weeks training, and he has just called me from the taxi to the airport to tell me how he sees the next two weeks going. He was mildly derogatory about some of Nicky's plans, I think, and I can see that there may not end up being a good relationship between those two. That could be hard for me, and I think it would be harder on Nicky than on Leo, as well.

I want to go home now and do Lefkaritika!

PS This morning D asked me if there were any stopovers.......... blank looks from Leo and me. He meant showstoppers..........
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