Saturday, May 20, 2006
Saturday Morning
It is official, I am completely barking mad, as I was in here at 8.30 am this morning, writing emails about algorithms......... reading my notes from the back of the envelopes and scraps of paper that I was using to work things out while I was not watching the Cyprus election coverage or the Eurovision song contest last night. It is a bit scary to realise that I have become the de facto expert on some things that I didn't know anything about until a few months ago, but there's nothing I can do about it. I just have to hang in there, pretend I do know what I am talking about and ward off attacks from small hostile creatures.

In fact I am going to stitch for a while, then go out and do a bit of shopping, David said he would call me and we could go for lunch. He is going to work this afternoon, so are the young men from Singapore - goodness, they are young, too, in their early twenties, the youngest we have had so far, and they have never been overseas before. We feel like their parents! I rarely get maternal feelings, but this time I do have them. David and I sometimes snipe at each other and tell each other outrageous reasons why we hate each other and why the other is a lousy architect and a failed human being - just for fun, you understand - but these kids watch us with eyes like saucers. I don't know what they will do when Alec and David have a disagreement about something, they can get pretty heated about whether to use a lookup value or a characteristic value for a particular field, for example. As it's often in Hebrew, it's not always apparent that they are not actually going to kill each other.

I left washing on at home, so I should go home after lunch and deal with that and sleep. I am incredibly tired, after having that cold this week. It seems pretty much to have gone, although I did have a coughing fit earlier. Just the tiredness remains......... but these days sleep eludes me. Last night I fell asleep thinking about the algorithm, and it was my first thought waking up six hours later.
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