Friday, May 19, 2006
Still Alive!
I went home early from work on Wednesday (after only 8 hours, haha!) and didn't come in yesterday. It seems to be the standard cold thing that most people call flu, although I know it's not, because I have actually had flu once before in my life so I know what the real thing is like. I went to bed early on Wednesday and didn't really sleep because of having to blow my nose or cough every five minutes, so I just stayed there until about 10am yesterday, then rang Nicky to say I wouldn't be in.

After that, I did get up and went to buy newspapers, post a letter, then took a taxi to Zako to buy some more coton perle No 8. I got 5 20 gram skeins, for £1.40 each. I've never seen skeins as big as that on sale before, only the small ones, I don't know how many meters these are, and the balls of 10 grams. Then I got a taxi back and went back to bed again. I got up to get some bread ans some more tissues around 6 pm, and naturally ran into everyone I know in Nicosia on the way to the periptero. Only not Nicky, thank God, I don't need him to see me like that.

Today I got here about 10 am, immediately was grabbed by the Dwarf to answer complex questions, and have been doing this more or less continuously all day, with short breaks to answer other people's questions. I did go out to lunch with Nicky and our new trainer, Carl, who is here for a couple of weeks. I am going to go home relatively shortly and try to reorganise my life, and work out what's what. I still have washing lying on the floor from last weekend and I haven't done any stitching. I'm not like people who have a sick day and manage to stitch three things, when I have a sick day, it seems I'm lucky if I can sit upright!

What is more, David is still here, he hasn't gone home for the weekend, as he has so much work to do, but he also has backache and has just come back from the pharmacy with something that says "prescription only", so the pharmacist must have thought he looked pretty pathetic. He's hobbling around with a look of pain on his face. The Dwarf clearly thinks we are a hopeless geriatric lot, it's obvious he is dying to give us advice about how we should get up at 4am to do strenuous exercise and stay healthy. Both David and I are likely to reply that that's actually bedtime, if he does spring that one.

I did get some nice mail yesterday, some Sampler Threads for the 2006 Collectors Heart from HIH, I could start that if I liked. Although I have acres of Lefkaritika to do.... we'll see how the weekend goes.
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