Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Feeling Better
At least I thought I was this morning, but I am having my doubts now......... it is very hot, well over 30 degrees, and I still have to blow my nose a lot, and I cough painfully if someone makes me laught, which Nicky has been doing all day.

I went out to get my lunch at 1 pm, but ended up not being able to eat it until 2.30 pm, as I was immediately grabbed to go into a meeting upon my return, and both David and I had to sit there with our stomachs rumbling, and, in his case, he was yawning too, as he wanted to go off for a sleep.

This certainly didn't do much for David's temper, as he threw a notepad at me when we got back to our room, the young boys shrieked. They were very late today, as they were here until after midnight last night.

At least one of my major problems has been solved, but I still have another one which really is worrying me. It is a showstopper, we would not be able to deliver next week without it. David has two showstoppers, I think. It is at times like this that the pressure is on the thread architects, as we have to pass everything that has been developed for our threads, and sort out any problems that occur. I have a massive thread as well, with an incredibly wide variety of functionality, and I seem to be getting questions from all sides.

Last night I did do some stitching, a bit of tsimbi and a bit of four-sided stitch on the first and second Lefkaritika respectively. I shall try to do a bit more tonight, but I really am tired.

Sylvain is here, to work with D and Leo on our poor project plan, which fell into disuse under the D regime, and is now being revived in a more reasonable form i.e. one that bears some relationship to reality. I am worrying though about the amount of work to be done, although it seems possible, even likely, that I will get to stay here longer because of that. And while there are some inconveniences to being here, there are quite a few other benefits. Especially when D goes.
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