Monday, May 22, 2006
Monday AM
The rest of the weekend was a bit of a washout, as I felt quite ill.... I probably shouldn't have stayed up to watch the end of the Eurovision Song Contest. I started watching it in a trendy cafe with David, who was very scornful about the whole thing. The place was full of trendy young things all gazing raptly at the screen.... when the ballet dancer appeared out of the piano at the end of the Russian entry, David was doubled up with scornful laughter, much to their horror. We left soon after that!

I did try to work yesterday, but David sent me home, he said I had a temperature. I never know things like that, but he has years of practice with children. I called at Starbucks on the way to get fresh Orange Juice, and Nicky was lounging there in the sun like the Cypriot lizard he is. I remember having a brief conversation with him, but my memories were such that I had to ask him this morning if I had made any sense at all.

Then I did get home and went to bed for a while. Got up later and did some Lefkaritika, both tsimbi on one piece and four-sided stitch on the new piece, also took up the AMAP Quaker Pochette again. But it wasn't a lot, and I did have to go to bed quite early. Terribly tired this morning, and did not want to get up.

We have testing design session with the users again today at 9.30 am, I hope it doesn't go past 1 pm. I really need some time to sort out the problems with all of this testing.
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