Wednesday, May 24, 2006
More Chaos
Today has been even more chaotic.............. I nearly lost it at one point, as we had a three hour meeting with the users (David calls them the Three Witches, which D doesn't understand, as Shakespeare was not on the curriculum where he came from, but he titters politely all the same). They told me all about all the things they want the system to do, some of which I have heard before and some not. Some are things that are included in the system, others not, it's very dispiriting to have to go through them all time and again.

Then, when I got back from that, I heard that the developers recommended that the solution to one of my showstopper problems was to change the configuration so that the error message I encountered did not occur. Goodness, I was cross, if it were that simple, we would have done this three days ago. We can't change the configuration because it meets the customer's requirements, it's just that the transaction where the error occurs processes things in a particular order which means that the validation needs to be bypassed temporarily. So we had a conversation about that, and now they are busy coding a solution that I suggested. Earliest possible delivery tomorrow. Late tomorrow, I would imagine.

I've also got a stack of configuration notes to write, I won't be able to do most of those before tomorrow. The database has been up and down all day, at one point we had an infinite loop, which is rather beautiful if you think about the concept, but extremely annoying in real life.

To console myself, I ordered a couple of charts, including Miss Mary Mack, from Wyndham Needlework. If things go on like this for much longer, I would say ordering the entire pink and green line from Des Histoires A Broder is a distinct possibility.
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