Sunday, May 28, 2006
My Lefkaritika Pictures

These are the first three photos I have taken with the new digital camera - which is only a little one that I bought on the plane the last time I flew from Paris to Larnaka. It seems easy enough to use, but I have to work out how to take good photos now! I guess white on white Lefkaritika may not be the easiest thing to photograph anyway. They are a bit blurry, there must be a way to fix that, I suppose I have to read the rest of the manual (very thick little book, clearly translated from some obscure foreign tongue).

Anyway, these three show the essential points of Lefkaritika 1 (finikoto) i.e. daisies, openwork and tsimbi. There are sixteen of the daisies, and so far five out of the sixteen openwork areas and nearly half the meter of tsimbi.

I will have to take some photos of the other things I've done and talked about, to make a sort of catch up. This is probably the cheapest digital camera there is, I think they are probably made for kids, so ideal for me to learn on! Maybe one day I will be one of these people who has the latest and greatest, but it seems a distant possibility. The expense for one thing....

Yesterday I did spend some money, £170 on new glasses, somewhat overdue. They are my first pair of progressives, so I guess I will be falling over things when I pick them up on Tuesday. I can't believe it is so simple and cheap to get glasses here, they have optometrists, which we don't have in France. There you have to go to the ophthalmologue, and in some areas there is a three month wait to see those, just to get a prescription for the glasses. Then you take it to the optician, and then you wait a week or more for the glasses to be made. And the prices are high. Last time a pair of reading glasses with Chanel frames cost me 700€. Of course you can get cheaper frames, but the lenses are expensive also. The frames I am getting here are Versace, not the horrible glitter ostenatious sort of Versace, but rather tasteful ones with a little bit of strass. It was sort of "Versace, really? I can hardly believe it!"

Apart from that did very little, slept for four hours in the afternoon - it is very hot, at least 37 degrees most days, at present, so it is not wise to do too much. Watch movies until 1am, and did AMAP Quaker pochette, the finish is within sight.
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