Saturday, June 03, 2006
5 things in my fridge
1. Orange juice
2. Perrier
3. Agios Nikolaos water
4. Sun block
5. After sun cream

5 items in my closet
1. Linen dresses for work
2. Sandals
3. Pearl necklace
4. Sunhats
5. Selection of very large handbags

5 items in my purse (handbag, really)
1. Wallet
2. Ipod
3. Avene mineral water spray
4. Pencil case
5. Sun block

5 items in my car
No car, I don't need one just for one person, and I am getting really sick of people who spend the entire summer driving around Nicosia by themselves in their car at top speed, with occasional incursions on to the footpath.

That was just for fun, I need some, because I am here on Saturday afternoon, getting data ready for Monday, and I think I shall be here most of tomorrow as well. I need to check on the config what packages can be used by the testers i.e. the ones that are not affected by problems, inactivate everything else and double test the supposedly correct ones. I have got a lot of problems, but the two major ones are being dealt with, in Singapore and Des Moines respectively.

Actually the Singapore problem nearly did for me this week, it was the one D was getting het up about, and he was being so horrible about the whole thing that I nearly told him that we would change the configuration and not be so ambitious about what we were trying to achieve. Naturally I would have made him square this with the client.

However, I really couldn't do that in the end, and in fact I came up with a design for an algorithm that actually works and is flexible enough to accommodate everything they want. This was after the designers had presented me with about a dozen variations that a) didn't meet the requirements b) were unintelligible to anyone normal and c) didn't work anyway. Of course this was all with D breathing down my neck, so it was a wonder I could get anything done anyway. Nicky and I were trying to think of suitable other careers for him, and the only things that sprang to mind were concentration camp guard and assembly line supervisor.

After all of that it would be nice to have an entire weekend to enjoy but this is just not going to happen.......... last night I did stitch on AMAP Quaker Pochette until 1am, I hope to finish the stitching tonight while watching the Great Escape (for about the millionth time here in Cyprus, they repeat it regularly).

The temperature by the way was 35 degrees at 11 am this morning, so I have only been shopping for about an hour before giving up and going home.
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