Thursday, June 01, 2006
Lekaritika 11
Just back from the lesson, we started our third piece today, this is Potamos, or the "river", where there is a kind of river of openwork running around the border. It is not as difficult as I expected to do the cutting for this, but I suspect binding the edges will be a pain. We do this next week, which is the last lesson. I will miss the ladies, and I will have a lot to do still, I think it will take me months to finish both pieces.

It is quiet here today, David and Alec have gone home, so it is just Nicky, me and D. Nicky is sloping off to a cafe, allegedly to download software, but really to ogle the local talent. I will also go soon, I am totally and completely drained, it is virtually impossible to do anything more today.

I did order the Quaker armchair necessaire and matching accessories from Les Fees Brodeuses just now, this is for Couleurs des Fees 2006, there will be a message group for this, sort of a SAL thingy, I think. In French, of course.
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