Friday, June 02, 2006
Friday At Last
Here we are Friday morning, and D is already wiping the sweat from his brow, he is stressing about some phone call he had about delaying the start of testing. It may cause yet another timetable change, but am not stressing about it, as there is nothing I can do except continue in the way I am going.

He hauled me into his office for interrogation, now Nicky, who just came back from downloading more fixes for me at the cafe, is in there. Personally I think it's all political, and our client will follow their own timetable, plus try to make things a little difficult for him, as they dislike him so much. Rosetta is counting the days until he goes, and somehow I feel his farewell party will be a very joyous occasion.

Last night I did more of the AMAP Quaker Pochette, I think I am up to 90% of the stitching, and should certainly finish that this weekend, barring D forcing us to spend 48 hours straight in the office. I do have to spend some time here, but hopefully not all of it.

Yesterday I did order some Thalys tickets, as they are only 10 euros for most tickets for August - I will go on a day trip to Brussels and on an overnight to Ostende. I can visit Craft Corner in Brussels, they are at La Hulpe in the suburbs, I haven't ever been there, though. Ostende is for the sea of course. I doubt whether I will be able to do a real holiday.
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