Friday, June 09, 2006
Some Really Good News
Last night I went home at 8 pm or so, watched TV, did Sudoku, Bee Charmer, sulked madly and felt really, really sick. I went to bed before 12 and woke up again at 1:30 am, then at 5:00 am with stomach pains. Went back to bed again, then got up at 7:30 am and had a shower etc. Just getting dressed when Nicky phoned, with good news:

Me: Oui, hallo, I am just getting dressed...

Nicky: blush

Me: I do have some clothes on, it's not that bad

Nicky: I have good news

Me: You mean D is leaving today?

Nicky: No, not that, the police called, they have your wallet.

Apparently the wallet that got stolen in Debenhams before Christmas was found in Stasicratous Street some time later, and the only thing that the police could use to track me was the security card from work, which has the name of the organisation on it. There are things in my wallet with my name, also my address and phone number, but only in French! So they knew my name, and where I worked, and called the main desk here, and tracked me down that way.

I went down to fetch it on my way, the police station is only across from work, and there were four policemen there to help me. Of course, they asked where I come from, and one of them wanted to know if I knew his uncle Constantinos in Wellington!

Then I went across the road and to Cyprus Airways, I decided to upgrade my ticket for tomorrow to business class, I really am way too ill to endure a gaggle of French tourists or whatever in economy. On the seat map they showed me, I am the only passenger in business, and I hope it stays that way. I requested a seat on the right, so that I can take some aerial photos of the Greek islands, I think that is the side where you get a good view. At least I will get something for my £200 plus that I paid to upgrade.

Came back and said loudly to Nicky in front of D that I upgraded because I really felt sick. Not a word from D. We have not had one word of thanks from him for working twelve hour days for the past two weeks. Not one please, not one thank you. Only, you need to do more, you need to work harder, you need to work faster.

Actually he doesn't say "you", he always says "jew" - he's not a native English speaker, and he has some very strange sayings. I always feel like saying "no, David Jew, me Lutheran".

Anyway soon he will be history. Rosetta asked me this morning if D was cross with them (the client) for yesterday, in the meeting where they said they could not go on with the present timetable. I'm afraid I said that, if so, they were not in an exclusive club! Nicky told me that Andy, the male version of Rosetta, that he works with a lot, told him that D makes him feel "not well". Think Nicky said it was the same for us all.

Last night, I did do a lot of Bee Charmer in between sulking and feeling sick - I have finished the top, apart from the verse, which I have done one word of. It is 1 over 1! And I did the backstitching on the bottom. Maybe I can put it together over the weekend.

In fact I don't intend to do too much work in Paris, except that I do have to go in on Sunday and do something for Leo. On Monday I will also work for some of the day, but on Tuesday I will do my bureaucracy thing, and I am telling everyone it will take all day. In fact, it shouldn't unless I am very unlucky, so I will go shopping afterwards instead of working. On Wednesday I am not sure if I will work in the morning and go to the airport from work.
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  • At 12:35 pm, Blogger AnneS

    Ally, I've finally managed to catch up on a couple of blogs today - and have gone back through the May archives for you to see what you've been up to :) You must be in 7th heaven knowing the Dwarf's final days are looming ... might have to crack open a bottle of wine to drink in celebration with you! LOL. Your Quaker pocket is absolutely gorgeous - great job :D It's also lovely to see piccies of your apartment and views, as well as a shot of your lefkaritika - hope you're starting to get the hang of that new camera :) I only just recently found out that you can use the "macro" button (it looks like a little tulip on the icon, if you have one) for taking shots of needlework - definitely makes it a lot better (wish I knew that earlier!!). Look forward to seeing more progress piccies :D