Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Roll On the Day
When our little D, alias Colonel Klink, departs for the frozen wastes of Russia. The powers that be will not tell us when this is (probably means they don't actually know, and haven't made any proper arrangements for anything), but we can't see a reason for him to stay, as Leo is back and is definitely winning friends and influencing people.

D on the other hand needs several decades at charm school even to become remotely human, I couldn't possibly write here the words I think about him, it would do untold damage to my reputation. As it was, I suprised the big boss from London a couple of weeks ago, when he said to me "The problem you guys have with D is that he's just a jerk, right?" I replied, "No, he is an ********", and Nicky says, "Right, he's an ********". BB looked very surprised to hear such words out of the mouths of middle-aged people who wear nerdy spectacles.

This litle demo that David and I were going to do, that would take half an hour maximum, has so far taken six hours over two days, and seems set to continue. David and I are both at the point of total exhaustion, he was here until 10:30 pm last night, while I left at 8:30 pm. I went home and stitched and watched television until 12:30, so was totally exhausted this morning.

I have started the Bee Charmer biscornu, I think it will be quite cute - no pictures so far, as have not had time at all. I am about halfway through the top, I think stitching the verse 1 over 1 will be the real killer, everything else is easy.

Tomorrow is the last Lefkaritika lesson, I really hope D does not prevent me from going on the grounds that I have too much work to do.
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