Monday, June 05, 2006
On the Street Where I Live

This is my apartment block, taken from the other side of the carpark across the road......... when I viewed this apartment, David was with me. We were walking down the street with the real estate agent, I was walking towards this building saying "I hope it's that one", while David was saying to the guy "If it's the pink one, she'll take it."

And you know that this is downtown Nicosia, well, look who lives across the road:

Actually this chicken is quite large and the first time I encountered it, it was wandering around on the road in the dark. It is an only chicken, and all the street kittens are quite terrified of it. The people who are in this house used to have two chickens, but the other one, which was much younger and presumably more tender, was stolen some time ago. I think Nicosia may be the only capital in Europe where a chicken lives in the next street to the boutiques of Mont Blanc, Roberto Cavalli, Fendi and other stylish types.

David called me at 11 pm last night to ask how late he could call if there was a problem, he and Nicky were in the office until midnight. I got here at 7:45 am and Nicky was already here, looking just a little bit weary. They both went off to deal with the three ladies who are the main user representatives this morning, while I dealt with Rosetta.

Rosetta is just fine with me, positive, friendly, smiling, agreeing that we can go forward. With D however, it is a different story, so much so that he accuses me of making up my experiences! I would begin to feel that I was not judging things correctly, except that the others assure me that Rosetta is very negative when D is around.

The upshot of all of this is that David and I have to do another demo, as D thinks that this will make the client feel more positive. I think not.
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