Sunday, June 11, 2006
Totally Infuriated
Firstly by Cyprus Airways, or more specifically, the man who screamed at me yesterday and nearly wouldn't let me board the plane, because he didn't have my flight coupon. I was positive it was in the boarding pass pocket when I handed this over at the gate, although there is a slight chance it could have fallen out on the way to the gate.

And I do know they need the flight coupon, but still there was no need to scream at me and make me take everything out of my handbag and computer bag, then scream at me again, then ask to see the receipt for my ticket. Plus taking both the boarding pass stub and my passport away for ages. I wasn't impressed, and I was a nervous wreck by the time that I got on the plane.

However the stewardess, who knows me from other flights, was very kind, and also the captain yesterday had the same name - first name and surname - as Nicky. I don't think they are related at all, there are some names that are very common in Cyprus.

Second source of irritation, I go to work this morning, and find out that my access card does not work any more. What is going on? So I am here in MacDo until my battery runs out, then I am going shopping, then home. I have really had enough this week.

Hope to finish the Bee Charmer today, as I am on the fourth side of the verse - I did take a picture of it the other night, but it is a really bad one, I won't post it.
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