Monday, June 12, 2006
Monday in Paris
It is 35 degrees in the office, and the airconditioning is broken - this happens every summer and the building manager seems quite incapable of handling the situation. He is a very odd man, who wears a woollen suit even in the heat and has said several times that he doesn't know why the heat bothers us so much. He also has a very weird view on women, he used to burst in here and ask me where the keys for such and such were, and other things like that. This was in the days when I was the only woman here apart from the receptionist. I used to have to explain every time that I was ingenieur informatique and nothing to do with the administration, but he never got it.

Also the door is broken, it is not just my card. Given the aircon situation, it is now propped wide open. I also have a fan trained on me,which makes it just bearable.

I went over to the shopping centre before, as I needed to get some photos for my bureaucratic application tomorrow, and there are some large cows everywhere, like these:

They are really rather cute, pity about the ropes, I think they should be set free actually, but I guess the security men at the shopping centre wouldn't like this.

Had conversation with Sylvain about the Russia project, trying to find out when D might actually be leaving. He claims not to know, which actually in our company could well be the truth. But he did tell me that D should spend three days in Russia this week, which is more than D told us. Although we knew from Nicky's impressive sleuthing and reading upside down skills. I had a Skype chat with Nicky earlier, he is evidently feeling rather relaxed, as he was quite flirty.

Sylvain has told me that I may need to stay another day, as there is another French project in the offing, and it is entirely possible that I will work on it. They wish to present to the client or to the integrator, I am not sure which, potential team members, probably on Wednesday, which is when I should fly. I have upgraded myself however, so I could change the flight very easily, if there is availability. I think this potential French project sounds better than the other one, as it is not in the suburbs, Sylvain said he thought it would be based at the integrator's, near St Lazare. This is highly convenient for me, as I would just need to take the no 28 bus every day, and it is also near the Modes et Travaux shop (really good needlework shop, also has Anny Blatt yarn).

Of course, I don't want to leave David, Alec and Nicky - especially Nicky.

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