Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Wednesday AM
I think I might just kill Sylvain now, it would save time later!

First he gets me to stay until Friday, so I can go to this meeting with him tomorrow, then he sends me an email last night after midnight, with the "planning" for this meeting, it turns out that it involves from 9am to 4pm tomorrow, at three separate locations! Plus I have to speak about myself and my vision for the project in French for about an hour. At least Gil, another French colleague, will be there, he is coming back from Abu Dhabi for this meeting, he is the lead architect there now. He is being described as the project manager for this French project, but I don't know if this is correct, I had thought it would be Sylvain himself, the prospect of which did not thrill me. I would much prefer Gil, but that leaves the question of who is the lead architect if he is not? I can tell you, it is not me.

The other thing is, this project is described as starting in September, and I had really hoped to go back to Nicosia after the holidays. Of course, this is the French, so they could well mean September of next year or the year after, but still......... and they are muttering about all the planning that needs to be done over the summer. No way am I doing any of that, I am going on holidays.

Leo has also written a very cross email to Sylvain, quite rightly, saying that he should have spoken to him before pulling me off for the best part of a week. Which is true, although I can do some things from here, I really need to be there for Rosetta.

Of course, I don't get to do stitching this week, it seems, I just get to stand in queues, and read documents about this potential French client, as well as try and do some of my real work.
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