Saturday, June 17, 2006
Back in Cyprus
I finally got back last night......... I was totally dead when I arrived, I think I've never been so tired in my entire life before. I managed to get up at about 9:30 this morning, tidy up a bit, put washing on and so on, then came here. I found one of the boys from Singapore here, I read my email, went out to have lunch at Debenhams and came back to find Nicky here. He's in fact only just left, so I haven't got that much done.

The flight was not bad, but I was glad I did upgrade, as five minutes before boarding, a huge group of middle-aged to elderly French people, all with vast amounts of hand luggage and wearing coats (typically French, to wear coats to Cyprus in June - although, had they been going to Copenhagen, it would have been fur coats, I have seen this). There were only five people in the business class cabin, although the French tourists kept trying to invade. Which is unreasonable, how can they expect to get into business class when they have paid 340€ for a week in Cyprus, including hotel and airfare, when the people who were in business class paid 1000€ because they wanted to sit in a more private place? I hate to think what sort of hotel they would be staying at. It is business class for me for the rest of the tourist season.

Looking back on the week in Paris, it was far, far too stressful, because of the carte de sejour thing, the visit to the client with Sylvain, and these Skype messages from D. Sylvain is coming here this week, and I really hope it is to tell D that his job here is complete, and it is all up to Leo now.

Of course I did virtually no stitching this week, it is just totally ridiculous. When I go home, I must try to make up for this........... the electricity is off here tomorrow, so I won't be working tomorrow. Which is probably a good thing.
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