Sunday, June 18, 2006
Some Progress
I finished the stitching on the Bee Charmer last night and this morning made tassels - after going out to Debenhams to try and find some #387 Coton Perle 12. Well, of course I didn't find it, this is Nicosia, and we are lucky anything is open on a Sunday at all. Fortunately the Debenhams which has haberdashery is in the tourist area, and they did have some ecru crochet cotton, which is a reasonable substitute. I'll sew them on tonight, if I can find a suitable needle for that.

Sewing it up to make the biscornu shape was not too horrendous, in fact it was quite fun. That is good, because I have another Indigo Rose chart for a biscornu, am just waiting to get some materials for it. Also have yet another Indigo Rose chart for a pin cushion with a secret base, sort of, those materials should be here soon, I hope.

I also started this afternoon the Merry Cox Shaker Spool Holder from SANQ, and I have to say I am not enamoured of the DMC linen thread, it seems very fragile when you are using one strand. Personally I think a "proper" linen thread, I am thinking of the ones we used at Skals for Hedebo, would be preferable. It is going to be very small and sweet, this box. There's no way I can do the finishing before the holidays, as it would be an exercise in frustration to get the finishing materials here. It's far too hot to be running around town to the dozen shops that may or may not have what's needed.

Apart from that, have done nothing today, and plan to do nothing more, except stitching and ironing. Nicky is off somewhere, watching football, he has revealed himself to be a total addict. I think he now chooses his cafes by the size of the screen. Leo and David are also fanatics, Alec less so, I think. Although he does watch it, and is capable of having intelligent discussions on the subject, I surprised him one time deep in football conversation with the Spanish head waiter at the hotel in Belfast where we used to stay every week.

I'm still quite surprised by my positive thoughts about the new project in France, although we still have not won the contract. I hear we are very well-placed, though, especially after winning the other big French contract, on which three people have already started work. Realistically I know I can't stay here for the whole project, they will never wear four extremely experienced architects - between us, Alec, David, Nicky and I have 55 years with the company - staying here while there are other projects entirely staffed by people with about one year's experience.
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