Friday, June 23, 2006
In a major way, I have really had this week up to here.....

David and Nicky are having a fight, by email and with considerable time differences, as David is in Israel and Nicky is in Chicago. It is about something where there seems to have been a major misunderstanding, and neither will back down, so I expect they will have to kill each other or something. One of those male things.

Marlon is a useless twit, and is driving me mad. So far he is the only other one here today, given that Nicky is in Chicago and the Israelis are in Israel. D has not fronted, nor have the little boys from Singapore (they work from about 10am to 10pm, their hotel swimming pool is only open from 8am to 6pm, so I think they do gym and swimming before work rather than after).

I went home at 7pm yesterday which was the earliest for several weeks. I can't believe how tired I am at this stage of the project, when we need all our energy to get through the acceptance testing. There's no doubt why we are in such a bad situation now, it is D who has pushed us all along to do things faster than is necessary or wise, because he had this mad idea that we were going to finish the project several months early so that he could go on to something bigger or better. Of course, he was new to the company, and had no experience in our software or methodology, or in the untilities industry, and we don't believe he has ever been a project director before, although the bosses keep on trying to say that he has. It's definitely been the worst managed project that I have ever been on. Leo is a vast improvement on D, but even he has his work cut out for him, with the bad situation we are in.

Actually it would be nice if D did not front today, but I suppose that is too much to hope for, he will probably stomp in soon on his squeaky little soles. Alec told me that the people who are going to work on his next project will be in town next week, they are all coming here for planning meetings. In fact they are all Israelis, no-one else would work for him, so this will be nice for him - he is anti-Semitic, among other things. Also anti-Cypriot, and definitely anti-Danish Kiwis!

He's just stomped in and asked me some pathetic question, I guess this will continue......... I am going out shopping at lunchtime, then I am going home very, very early today, I may work a bare eight hours. I want to get on with Lefkaritika, I haven't done any of that for a while, because of the horrors here and the week in Paris, but I think it's time to start again and try and finish Finikoto. And continue with my 2006 collector's heart.
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