Monday, June 26, 2006
Later - 8pm
Oh, I'm not going to stay past 21:00, I don't think I can really...

I am now drowning in errors and configuration anomalies, I have raised several problems today, and likely both the people in the US and in Singapore think I am a horrid pest. But we must solve them for our client.

I was sad today to see that I blog I read quite often, of a French stitcher, has closed because someone has made a nasty comment on it, accusing her of egoism. Goodness, I don't think this is really necessary, and of course the person who did it was one of these charming little souls who don't leave any identity. I feel so sad for this lady, as she made so much effort with her blog, and there were always such beautiful photos, it was very professional indeed. If only the people who have so much spare time to denigrate the efforts of others would use it more constructively!

Anyone who does have any spare time can come and help me with testing :)
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