Sunday, June 25, 2006
Spa Pedicure
This is the second go at this post, my whole system just suddenly shut down and the last one got eaten - it is too hot for this! I suspect there is a nasty virus going around, so I am now updating my anti-virus software. The client told us they had a virus on the server, which worried me, but they seemd quite sanguine about this, I hope they are taking steps to get rid of it.

I've just come back from having a spa pedicure and my eyebrows shaped at Jacques Dessange, which is one of the few things you can do in Nicosia on a Sunday morning. I always like going there, even though they never get my name right and I am resigned to being called anything from Antigone to Stefania! I have also made an appointment for 2pm Friday, so I will have to leave early, I don't care what D thinks about this (if he is still in the equation, we very much hope he won't be). Leo won't mind, he's OK so long as I do the work, and boy am I doing the work.

Had a very lazy day yesterday, mostly at home in the airconditioning, as it was - and is - very hot indeed. Went out to drycleaners, Debenhams, Accessorize and L'Occitane, nearly dead by 11am, so went home. I slept for four hours in the afternoon, then got up and did 2006 Collector's Hear, here is a little progress picture:

Have just started on the border, which is Lancaster Read with spots of Straw Bonnet, like the second "stratum" of the heart itself. Please admire the 2006, as I had to pull it out twice, I kept on getting it in the wrong place!

This was probably because I was watching football - nothing else on tv, and I had the chance to see Argentina eliminate D's team! My heroes, the Argentinians! I expect we will see a sour little face tomorrow, and there will be much whirling of the worry beads.

I plan to have an equally inactive day today, am only here for a little while.... just to see if there was any vital email that I missed through sloping off at 3pm on Friday. I've also emailed our receptionist in Paris to change my flight back to the end of July. I was supposed to go back for a few days in the first week of July, but it's hot, the flights are crowded and it just makes me so tired. It's better if I leave it until the end of the month, when I can take all my stuff back with me. There are also a few financial advantages - I won't have to pay 500€ for another business class supplement, and I will get 26 days of per diem for July. This is good, because, if I go to a project in Paris after the summer, I won't be getting any more per diem for a long time!
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