Thursday, June 29, 2006
Hot Hot Hot
The weather is shockingly hot, and for once quite humid.......... so no-one is very happy. I left early last night and got home, then immediately got a phone call from David about configuration problems. I've just spent an hour sorting this out this morning, also dealing with Marlon's configuration problems. Which are so minor, and he will not deal with them himself. Everything that he has mentioned to me could be sorted out by one of the street kittens, it's so elementary, it doesn't need me to investigate!

By the way, the latest crop of street kittens were out to play last night, for the first time, I think. They are only about 6 inches long, and do not have much sense yet. I removed a small grey and white one from the middle of the road where it was sitting washing itself, and gave it a lecture about how very unwise this was. Small kittens are so wonderful, they bounce out onto the pavement with this "Hello world! C'est moi!" attitude, nothing frightens them. They come readymade with already convincing "goodness, humans are bizarre!" looks, which they will only perfect as they get older.

Last night I did finish the tsimbi on Lefkaritika 1, so I have only the ten remaining openwork squares to go on that. It is looking good! Then I can concentrate on Lefkaritika 2, which is going to take ages, there is nearly two meters of tsimbi, I would think. My taxi driver told me that one of her customers bought a tablecloth with matching napkins in Lefkara and it cost £600 - all I can say is, I can see exactly why.

Re getting around in Cyprus, taking a taxi is really the only way - I don't drive myself at all, the world does not need me on the road, as I can neither see properly nor concentrate properly. Nor do I want to get into this whole car culture, it's just too boring. There are a few busses, I went on a bus to Limassol, it was me plus a bus full of migrant workers and backpackers. But to places like Lefkara you can't take a bus, there are local ones, but they would leave Lefkara for Larnaca at 6am and go back at 2pm, or something like that, it's all geared to people going to market or to school. So people like me rely on a taxi driver to get around, a trip around town, to collect mail from the post office, for example, costs £5, and a trip to a village can be £15 or £25, depending on how far it is.

Nicky will be back next week, I will be very happy to see him, I wonder if he has missed me at all.......... I am worried though about what Leo is going to say to him. It is true there is one thing that Nicky did kind of stuff up, but like everyone, he is running on empty. I truly need my four weeks holiday, and I think we are all in the same boat.
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