Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Wednesday AM
Last night I was so tired when I got home - I did do tsimbi however, as I am determined to finish that this week. Now I have only half the long side to do! I went to bed slightly earlier - 12:15 instead of 12:30 - but the effect of this was negligible, as I had to get up shortly afterwards, I was feeling nauseated. Did not throw up, fortunately, but a total wreck this morning. The last time I felt as bad as this and threw up was when I was working in the US in 2000, and I threw up for two days, then had to catch a plane to Denmark for Christmas. I spent most of Christmas and New Year lying on my bed in the Hotel Admiral and it was a really cheap trip because I didn't eat anything for a week.

David is also wrecked, he fell asleep in a meeting we just had about training, Marlon's voice is soporific. Marlon is off testing now, clearly he is a lot better at training. I don't know how either David or I are going to keep on going for the rest of the week, I am at breaking point and so is he. I can't believe the mess this project is in, corners have been cut and everything has been skimped everywhere, because of D's obsession with finishing early and getting out of Cyprus. Not to mention his total ignorance of how to run a project - yesterday I discovered all the software builds had not been applied to our onsite test environment, but they had been applied to the client's test environment and to the configuration master, even though they have never been tested onsite. Go figure.

The training will start next week, and go for two weeks......... I have been invited to do a session on advanced processing of customer connections. It's not until the end, so I have time to prepare and time to finish my current testing.

Goodness, I am looking forward to Lefkara on Saturday, I keep on saying that, but it is like being in another world there. And I am entirely sure it will be a D-free zone, when we went on our work excursion to Lefkara in December, he was very scornful about the whole thing. To him any form of handcraft is a waste of time, I can remember his reaction when someone at work asked me if I knew what a blog was.

"Of course", I replied innocently, "a friend of mine is having a great success with a knitting blog". "Kneeeting, kneeeeting", he screamed, "stupid women should not be allowed to use serious facilities for such rubbish........"

So it's a fair bet he would go berko if he ever saw this one!

Oh my goodness, I've just been eavesdropping on Leo on the phone with the big boss, he#s talking about not having me on the project from the end of July. Well, I expected that, I'm going to be buried in the suburbs of Paris or something like that. But I also heard him talking about not having Nicky from the end of July or maybe even the end of June. Of course, Nicky is a contractor, so they can do this, but even so. I would be sad not to have Nicky here, and I have been assuming that they would keep him because of the fact that he is the only one who speaks Greek.
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