Friday, July 07, 2006
Yes, thank goodness. And I am leaving here at 3pm to go to Jacques Dessange to have my hair done. It is totally overdue, because I did not go last time I was in Paris, so it is getting too shaggy and I have a few silver threads showing. Which is really the first time, I blame it on D. Who has just arrived, said good morning to Nicky and ignored me. I think probably he has been told in London that I have complained about him and asked not to work with him again. Unfair to take it out on me, because I am not the only one, Alec and Nicky will not work with him again. David probably would, if he had to, but not if there was another choice.

It is a bit cooler here today, overnight was quite cool, and I think the forecast is only for about 32. I am hoping the weekend will be relatively cool, so I can do a bit of shopping. I need another suitcase, I am going to have excess luggage, there is no way around it. I'm starting to go through stuff now and work out what to take back, it is hard after a year. And the company will not pay any excess baggage or transport of possessions, because this is not a relocation. They are so mean, how do they expect you to work for a year away from home with only a suitcase? And I was only going home once a month for two to three days - although the timetabling of this was the Dwarf rather than the company, he used to kick up such a fuss when I went to Paris.

Last night I got home at 8:15pm, quite early really, I even saw some of the news......... I did Lefkaritika 2, there are miles of four-sided stitch, I can see me doing this on trains all summer. Not planes though, I think the plane from Larnaka to Paris on the 27th will be the last for a while.

When I get home, sorting out the stash is a major priority.....

By the way, I asked my tester, who is Russian, about D's command of Russian, and was told he was not fluent, but his Russian pronounciation is better than his English. "That is not difficult", said Nicky. I think he added a cynical laugh as well.
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