Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Somewhat Better
I went home at 7:30 pm and went to bed for an hour, then got up again and did Lefkaritika 2. Went back to bed, and woke up at 1:15, walked around for a bit and then went back to bed again. This may be the pattern for the next three weeks.

Yesterday afternoon the resource manager in London told me that it was practically certain I would be returning to France in September. I will try and talk to him today about this. And Sylvain has just walked in, to my surprise, he says it was a last minute thing and he bought his ticket yesterday. He's here to support Leo, who is still very new as a PD, but miles better than D. Who has not shown his face this week, he is rumoured to be in London - hope he is doing a course at Lucie Clayton, or some other charm school. I wish I had known at the weekend that he wouldn't be here, it might have helped my permanent stomach ache.

SBB are having a 25% off sale, so I bought all the threads for Catherine Agnes and Toccata 1, it came to about $70 US with the shipping, so that is not bad, given the exchange rate with the euro. I certainly couldn't have bought 22 skeins of silk thread in France for that. And they should, I hope, be there by the time I get home for the holidays.

I am stressing slightly about the return to Paris, I have to pack up everything in the flat here, get it to Paris, get ready for my appointment at the Prefecture, finish all my work here, its just a horrible amount of stuff to do in about three weeks. Then I have three to four weeks holidays, and I really have to get the flat in Paris organised again, because I've spent about fifteen nights there since last August, I think. There's piles of everything everywhere, I bet I can see the newspaper I read when I was home for one night in February sort of thing.

And there is all the other stuff, will I be able to do my job properly in French? Will I have to do financial? It is primarily a billing project, although the client is aware that I am a meter and meter reading person, as far as specialties are concerned. Can't have bills without reads. Well, you can, but no-one is very happy with the results. How much will I miss Nicky? Will my PD be another D? All those things...........

Nicky by the way is clearly asleep at his desk, he is leaning back and his head is nodding, he is not quite snoring, but give him five minutes.... I think it's a combination of exhaustion from what we've been going through here, his painful trip to the dentist yesterday and the World Cup. Leo and Sylvain have gone to a meeting, so at least they are not observing this. Think David may also fall asleep.
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