Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Perfectly Hideous Day
It started out with trying to get rid of the ants in the kitchen at 6.30 am, then I got to work and my connections would not work! I burst into tears, which infuriated everyone, and we spent 1.5 hours until we finally could restore my laptop to a point where it would work. Thank God for Access IBM and its restore facility.

I am just spending all my time answering questions, my tester that I have this week is a nice chap, but not real bright. And the people in Singapore seem to require everything to be said five times before they will believe me. Most of the problems we are running into are because of D's mismanagement, we could have done with a lot more time or less pressure in the time we did have - looking back on it, we spent too much time saying how long it would take us to do things and when we could have them finished, rather than actually doing them.

As a consolation for this trauma I have ordered four Blackbird Designs charts from Wyndham Needleworks. I've asked for them to be sent to Paris, as of course I'll get the email saying that they are out of stock and I will end up waiting a month. But I guess they will arrive eventually! Rest assured I will NOT be ordering the R&R linen that they call for, I think I can find a nice substitute that doesnt look like it had a cup of coffee thrown over it!
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  • At 4:51 pm, Blogger AnneS

    And a more perfect consolation I couldn't imagine ... increasing the stash has an incredible amount of healing power - in fact, I think just filling the shopping cart starts the healing process straightaway ;) Hope you week improves :D