Thursday, July 13, 2006
Not A Morning Person
I did not want to get up this morning, having gone to bed at 12:30 after going out for dinner and not getting back until 11pm. Of course I then sat down to do a Sudoku etc. We all went (except D) to meet the three people from our new Russian project who are in town for their first meetings with D, their new leader. Lucky them. Although they seem already to be as enraptured with him as we are.

Now I have to go and do demo, I hope not for four hours, I couldn't stand it. My entrance is delayed slightly, as Nicky is still in there, telling them something about printing bills. He pops out every now and then to ask me a question about configuration of postal routes or something. David says, how do you know all this weird stuff? I read the manual, I said, and managed not to fall asleep at that point, like everyone else clearly has.

Now Nicky has come out, D has arrived (oh no!), and Rosetta and Andy have gone into D's office with Leo and the boy from Singapore who is doing all the printing stuff. This is not real good, Rosetta may start screaming. She certainly would if it was D alone, but Leo's presence may calm things down. The problem is that D thinks he is a technical expert and did all this stuff with printing that should have been done by technical experts, of course it doesn't work in any way that is acceptable to normal people. I am really sick about this, as it is a pain for the client of course, and also it means that we get these visits from D, even though he is no longer on this project. Leo wants him to face his responsibilities, which is correct, it's just a pain that he reappears. I long for him to leave the country.

I still don't know where I am going to be in September, it looks as though we may have this new French contract, the one where the office is near the Champs Elysees, so they will want me there. Yesterday our resources manager asked me if I thought the client here would mind me leaving. Yes, they will go ballistic, I said. Oh, he said. Nicky and David are both highly anxious not to have to be the new me. I really don't know what will happen, especially as I am pretty sure Leo would like to get rid of Nicky.

I have found an amazing new website called "Library Thing", where you can catalog all your books, using databases from all over the world, like Amazon, and the Library of Congress and the Kongelige Bibliothek in Denmark. It's good for me because I have books in many languages, so I can find most things. It would be fun to do all my books, but I am not sure if I would have time over the holidays. It may be the sort of thing that I need to do an hour every weekend if I go back to Paris. I need to be there to do it, because that's where the books are.

A bit later - oh my goodness, I have just spent one hour in D's office, explaining all about letters extracts. Query, why does no-one ever remember anything about this? I have explained it many times before.

Somewhat later still - we finally have got to do today's demo, after another hour of discussion about whether testing will go ahead next week. I am confused about the answer, but I think it is that it will, just it won't be called testing. I then did the demo, and it generated two new requirements, I think. One of which is nutty. At last I could have lunch, by that time it was 3:30pm. I won't get out of here until 9pm, it seems.

So I have indulged in stash enhancement, I ordered the Leanne's House block of the month quilt. It is very nice, in pinks and with lots of embroidery on the blocks, absolutely my sort of quilt. I do very little patchwork and quilting these days, but I like to do the odd bit from time to time, and this one has been a temptation for a while.
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