Sunday, July 09, 2006
Tropical Sunday
It's very hot, last night at midnight it was still nearly 30 degrees, I know because I stayed up to watch "Howards End", which didn't finish until 1:30 am - it's quite a long film. And I got quite a lot of the Green Usak done, this is it:

Nearly all the middle is done, I just have to do the background of the bottom two rows and one lozenge in the middle row. This is what the pattern looks like closer up:

It is a nice design and will make a lovely cushion, and of course I love the greens, but goodness, it is tedious to do. I still have most of the border to do, so I don't think I will get it finished before leaving Cyprus, but you never know. It would be good to include it in the construction fest I am going to have to have over the summer.

I am getting very cross about work not being able to tell me where I am going to be after the holidays, the timetable for Veronique de Luna's classes is out now, and I really want to sign up for some of the level 2 classes, such as Bargello and Galons et Bordures. I also have to do Point de Chartres, in order to progress to Level 3, although I am not expecting to enjoy that so much.

I mentioned to Rosetta that I may not be back after the holidays, I thought she was going to combust. I don't think it's fair to the client to leave them in the dark entirely, knowing this company it could be the day I leave for vacation and we still wouldn't be certain, so no-one would have said anything, then Rosetta and co would get a shock when I don't turn up in September. I don't want to do this to them....

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