Thursday, July 20, 2006
Only A Week To Go
Before I am on that plane! In seat 1C, I went to Cyprus Airways yesterday to make sure I had the correct seat. I casually told Rosetta this morning that I had this seat, she has been a pain lately and I just wanted to see her go rather green. I also threw in that both David and I were ill, we hoped it wasn't passive smoking, we weren't used to it, as we didn't know people in our home countries that smoked.......... our sort of people don't! Mean of me, but then we have had some provocation.

We learned yesterday from the training evaluation forms from Marlon's two week course that one man had written "the project director and architects really detract from the reputation of (the company name)". Now this man doesn't know me, he never came to my PA sessions and when I went to give my talk at the training, he left the room, with every expression of boredom, and he did go to a few of David's PA sessions, but contributed nothing, I think David may have asked him a couple of times if he was awake. So it's hardly an authoritative view, but really, it still hurts when someone resorts to personal abuse like that.

Wonder if this guy will want any help with anything later on, I wouldn't think he would be getting any from me, as he knows it all already.

I am at the stage where I can start to look forward to the holiday, even though I have so much to do. I feel relatively rested today, as I went home at 7:30pm last night and just did sudoku and cryptic crosswords until midnight. I also tried to do La Ruche, but not only am I definitely running out of the green - the third colour! - but I need to undo a bit, clearly because it's hard counting green stitches on green fabric. If I can get some more DMC at the weekend, I may take it up again, otherwise it's Lefkaritika only until I go back to Paris.

It's Marlon's last day today, he is off to South Africa for anywhere from three to twelve months, and also Alec is starting two weeks' holiday. It's that time of the year! I can hardly wait.
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