Monday, July 17, 2006
It Must Get Better
I arrived this morning at 8:30am, after a sleepless night, to find that we were supposed to do yet another demo at 9:00am. I managed to get this put off until 9:30am, and I was assured yet again that it would just be a demo, take a couple of hours or a day, and we would not be subjected to all of this heckling and "this is wrong!", "this is not what we want!" from individuals.

Fat chance.

Of course it was just a noisy free for all like every other one of these sessions. In the event I escaped after about two hours, but David was stuck there until two o'clock. Leo went to a meeting earlier with the big bosss here to talk about the problems we are facing, and came back slightly optimistic, but the fact is that there isn't much progress because we are spending all this time at these "demos" and not actually getting any work done. David fell asleep at lunchtime and had to go home for an hour.

I booked another airticket today, from Paris to Larnaca on 19 August and Larnaca to Paris on 2 September. There are no economy class seats on 2 September, so that saves me about 100 euros, as the cheapest fare the travel agent can give is 851 euros and the business class fare is 1240 euros. The difference is 399 euros, whereas on the last ticket I think I paid 480 euros extra. I've worked out the best way of doing it, I just minus the amount from my expenses claim, so I never have to pay money for this.

And I told Leo that I would be staying at the hotel around the corner from work when I came back. It has a swimming pool and gym, and they will give me breakfast, and any other meals should I want them, plus make my bed and clean my clothes. This whole housework thing in a flat that is over 100 square meters is driving me mad, I will be very glad to get back to my 29 square meters in Paris. That I can clean in an hour on Saturdays, and it looks beautiful, and I never need to have dinners or anything, I can just take people to restaurants or out to drinks and say, quite truthfully, that I don't entertain at home, because its really only a pied-a-terre for one person.

Tonight I really have to get some sleep, but I'd like to do some more of La Ruche - although, very frustratingly, there is another colour of DMC that I need more of! I've also had a rethink on the large 3-D bees, I am thinking more of brass bees, with some flower buttons, or even a rabbit at the bottom, and making it into a cottage-style cushion, with a patchwork border. We'll see when I get back to Paris, where I have a stock of bees and buttons and so on!
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