Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Leo has just asked me why Andy wants us to do all these "demos". I said there were three possibilities:

- he is a masochist
- he cannot control the users
- he really thinks they are useful

All I know is they are hell for us. David turned grey and was on the point of collapse after this morning, so has gone home. I feel terrible, and have a splitting headache, because I had the constant screaming while I was doing my "demo" this morning.

At one point, I said "well, if no-one is interested to listen, I am happy to pack up and go back to my office. I'd like to get home before 9pm tonight." Blank stares from everyone except Rosetta, who shushed them so I could go on.

I am not the headache type, in fact I have a robust constitution, although I am suffering from lack of exercise. I need to go to the gym or else go walking in the Swiss mountains or something.... it's impossible here, it's too hot to move. Leo and Alec just went down to the plant room and fiddled with the airconditioning, it's a bit cooler in this room now. Of course the locals have gone home for siesta at 2:15 pm as usual. I really don't mind that, if only they would work when they are here. We knew before we came that they were on a strict 7 hour day, so that's no surprise, but we kind of expected they would do something during it.

I did stitch on La Ruche last night, it looks as though I may run out of a third colour of DMC. I guess the test stitcher was one of those people who reuses envelopes and pieces of string. She probably has a special embroidered bag for the pieces of string, embroidered with the leftover thread she has from La Ruche!!! It is starting to annoy me. Maybe I will go back to the Usak!

A note on the international situation, you would never think there was a war on not far from here. I work with Israelis, of course, so maybe I get a different view of it from a lot of people. One of our colleagues is sitting at home in Haifa in her bomb-proof room. David was trying to remember this morning if he had a bomb-proof room...........

I am not staying past 7:30pm tonight, I just cant, and we told Leo none of these sessions tomorrow, not unless he wants us all with one foot in the grave.
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