Monday, July 31, 2006
10 Year Carte de Sejour
I spent nearly six hours in the Prefecture today, and it was quite nerve-wracking, because they told me when I got there that they would be telling me today whether I had been accepted for the 10 year carte de sejour.......... finally they did accept me, after a lot of waiting around and agonising. I had worried a lot about it for the past few months anyway, because, although I meet all the requirements, some of them to a stunning extent (my exam marks in French language are extremely good, I am lucky to be good at language exams, we are talking about 90% and higher), the officials here just make their own decisions and can refuse applications on a very abitrary basis.

So that is over, and I can collect my card at the end of September, you would think they were going hand engrave it on specially mined gold, the amount of time it takes. And of course, nothing happens in August here anyway.

I came to work and have just now completed my last pre-vacation task, so I'm about to pack up and go home. Yay!!!!!!!!!!1

Probably you won't hear too much from me during my vacation (three weeks), but I hope I'll have a lot of finishes to post once I get back.
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