Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Papillon Trousse de Brodeuse
This is the picture that it wouldn't let me post yesterday:

It is cute, and I finished the inside pocket embroidery last night, and started on the back, which is a large papillon. I was stitching until after midnight, as there was noise in the street, and I couldn't sleep. It's on the nice "dirty linen", I do like this fabric. The kit is really good, plenty of thread, also the lining fabric and the ribbon are included. I can't remember how much it was, but this kit has been very popular in France indeed.

Above is the whole of the inside front...........below a rather unfocussed closeup of the flowers:

I am so happy to think I will soon be home, even though there is the ordeal of the flight first. I can never understand people who claim to enjoy flying, it makes me wonder what the rest of their life is like.

Nicky told me they had offered him to go to Belfast or Utrecht, he makes it sound as though it is his choice, although with this company it rarely is. There are people who claim they get a choice, but I certainly never have, and no-one that I actually discuss these things in detail with has either. If it is his choice, I think he wants Utrecht, or maybe that's what I hope he wants. Utrecht is a train ride from Paris, and I hear it also has great embroidery shops, so I might have to visit there.

I just spoke to the resources manager about my own situation, as far as he is concerned I am starting at the French client on 4 September. Of course, it isn't signed yet, and Leo opposes it, so who knows?
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