Wednesday, July 26, 2006
I'm Flying Tomorrow
And I have so much to do before then.......... had long meeting this morning with Leo, David, Andy and Rosetta. She is also flying tomorrow morning, from the same airport, at much the same time, so I may get to see Mr Rosetta and Little Rosetta, although this airport has been rather crowded lately. Naturally she has left several hours ago, while I am still here, probably for several hours to come. I have got stacks to do, plus stacks to do at home, and I have to leave at 7:30am tomorrow.

We went out to lunch - Leo, David, Nicky, me - for ages, though. Nicky is very apprehensive about what is going to happen. He said something about, if he goes to Belfast, he can always spend weekends in London or Paris. I do not think I have seen the last of Nicky, even if he is not here when I come back.

Last night I did about half a butterfly on the Papillon trousse de brodeuse, I guess this one is the eponymous papillon, as it's the biggest. It's on the back, surrounded by small flowers, no photo until it's a whole butterfly. I'm not sure how much I will do tonight, I have to do so much at the apartment.

Also, and thank goodness, my Queen of the Needle kit arrived yesterday, I had thought they were sending it to Paris, so it was lucky that it got here before I departed. It is so gorgeous, but you have to be a pink person to appreciate it. And, as everyone knows, I am the pinkest. So the list to do over the holidays lengthens!
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