Monday, August 21, 2006
The Rest of the Queen of the Needle Pictures

These are the rest of the ones I took yesterday, it is a lot quicker posting them from here than from the hotel, and I don't seem to have much to do as yet. David called me, he is still in Israel until tomorrow, something came up. I went to see our clients who are testing, there are only a few of them, as most people are still on holidays, including Rosetta. They are going to call me if they need me, but apart from that, I just have to wait for David, as he has all the notes of Rosetta's million questions for me that arose while I was away. At this rate, I may even get off early for some stitching today! It would be good, I didn't actually sleep well last night, I was still lying awake well after 1:00am.

David told me that the client here is unaware that I am leaving the project in two weeks, although they seem to have guessed that something is up. Why on earth can't the powers that be just tell them? They will have to do so soon, and I would think the earlier the better, it would look awful to leave it until the end of the two weeks.

Uh-uh, they just called me............
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  • At 11:31 pm, Blogger Claudiaxstitch

    Sooooo nice progress!!!!
    You'll finish very soon this front!
    The part I hate is that with the double colored roses... they are sooooo boring!!! And I just made three of them! :D