Sunday, August 20, 2006
Hotel Cleopatra
This is the name of the establishment I am staying in in Nicosia, as the lease on my apartment has run out, and I am only here for two weeks this time......... I will take photos later and post them, it is not bad, only a few minutes walk from the office, and it has a swimming pool, in which I have disported myself this morning. And I was not the chubbiest person there, by any means. I get breakfast as well, even if, this being Cyprus, all the hot food is lukewarm (this is a general Hellenic tendency).

The flight yesterday was not as totally horrific as I thought, it did not take long to check in and go through security, but we took off half an hour late - that is a general Charles de Gaulle airport tendency. As usual there was salmon with spinach to eat, that suits me just fine. Only four other passengers in the business class compartment, a family who sat together and were fairly quiet. I sat there and finished two butterflies on Queen of the Needle and did some four-sided stitch on Lefkaritika 2. Later I will take photos of Queen of the Needle and post them - I had a nice comment from Claudia in Italy who is making a list of all the blogs of us Queens. Terrific idea!

After all my indignant squawking about terrorists and how selfish they are, I read a really interesting article in the Cyprus Sunday Mail today - apparently to make these bombs on the planes, you need quite specialised lab equipment, including an ice bath (they recommend flying first class and ordering champagne, which will hopefully come in an ice bucket). It also would take several hours, and quite a few trips to the toilet with the ice bucket, so everyone would twig long before it got to the explosion stage. and evidently this liquid explosive cannot be made beforehand, as it is extremely unstable and would probably detonate on the way to the airport. So really you have to wonder. The article suggests that governments have an interest in keeping us all in a state of terror, as we are far more likely to do what they want - and what they want, in its own way, is just as nutty as what the terrorists want, on the whole. So I am inclined to give up on trying to understand this whole mess, and I'll try to be less afraid the next time I travel. I was shaking with terror at the airport and really on the point of cancelling, the only thing that got me through it was the thought of seeing David and Alec tomorrow.

My plans for the rest of the day are to find some lunch, have a sleep, do some stitching and some photographing of stitching........... back to work tomorrow. It's a pity I've been so sick over the holidays, not sick, sick, but just feeling rather tired and out of sorts, I'm pretty sure it's hormonal actually, given other factors. Never mind, I'll just try to keep on keeping on.
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  • At 4:38 pm, Blogger Claudiaxstitch

    Thanks so much for your nice comments into my blog!!!
    I hope to find soon new "Queens", so we'll have a little community of nice friends to share our little world!
    As you can see, from now in my Blog there will be double comments, in english and italian, so you'll be able to read them too! :D