Sunday, August 20, 2006
Queen of the Needle Pictures

Just a few, so that you can see that I did make progress over the past week.......... it's amazing what I can do in a week with no work! I hope I can make more progress while I am down here, but I have no idea what the week holds for me.

I had a phone call from Leo, who is on holiday, to say that one of our little boys from Singapore is in Dubai and not being allowed to board the plane to Cyprus, because the airline doesn't like the look of his work permit! So I spent some time looking up lawyers' phone numbers, it's a good thing I learned Greek............. texted off a whole swag of numbers to Leo, of people with names matching our lawyers, luckily they are not called Andreas Andreou, but have rather more distinctive names! Poor kid, he is only 25, and it's not fun to be refused boarding at an airport.

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