Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Mid-Week Update
Well, David is back, and we are spending mornings with the users, so have a few things to sort out........ it was going to be Alec who took over my subjects when I go back to Paris, but it's changed now and it will be David. So he's kind of panicking about learning some things. Alec has his own problems, he has an apprentice, in fact, this apprentice is Derek who is new and will be working with me in Paris. He has to learn migration from Alec in two weeks, and he has only had seven weeks of basic training i.e. no actual experience in our system.

I don't know what I think of this guy, he acts very self-confident and as though he is an expert in everything! I hope he is not another dwarf............. but at least he is not going to be my project director, he will just be another architect, and we will be working with Gil, whom I know and like. He has been asking me a lot of questions about car hire, I gather he intends to spend the weekend going diving from Larnaka or somewhere.

I'm going to sign up for the hotel's excursion to Troodos and Kykkos on Sunday, I think, as I don't know when I'll get another chance to sightsee in Cyprus.

Last night I went to the hotel gym, then ordered Greek Salad and fresh fruit from room service. The Greek Salad was massive, and had not just the caper berries, but the whole pickled stems - which I love. So much lettuce that I couldn't eat it all. Fruit was six slices of melon, two bunches of grapes, two plums and two peaches, huge!

I have been doing more of the middle panel of QOTN, I've done the initials and have started on the verse, have also done the Italian cross stitch in between the lines of the verse. The verse is backstitching, which normally I love (I gather that makes me one of the minority!), but this one is a slight pain, because it's designed to look like script, so there are some parts of the letters which are not exactly what you might expect. I hope the next lot of pictures will show the verse finished, but I think it will take at least another evening. Then I get to have some fun with the line of Rhodes Hearts, I think, I enjoy those...........
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