Tuesday, August 29, 2006
My Goodness and Photos From Sunday
First, the photos, as Blogger has generously decided to cooperate........... here is the jeep we travelled in, as you see, it is quite large, and in theory they can take nine passengers:

The view from the coffe shop in Agios Nicolaos over towards the abandoned Turkish part of the village:
The Kelethos Bridge, without any water underneath it:

View from the top of Mount Olympos:

Mosaics from Kykkou monastery:

Now for my goodness, parts 1 and 2.................

I have three more days here, after today, and they have not told the client definitely that I am leaving! I have been expressly forbidden to mention it, and our resources director in London appears to be taking an extended bank holiday! What do I do? If Sylvain is in the office in Paris, I suppose I can speak to him, but he isperfectly useless at anything practical.

And we just got a notice about a new PD on the Dwarf's new project, and it was NOT the Dwarf. We immediately rang up everyone we know on that project, to see if we could get the real story, but it is all very unclear. As far as they know, they have multiple PDs, and the Dwarf is on vacation and not emailing them with edicts - as opposed to two weeks ago when he was on vacation and emailing them every five minutes. So there is a theory that he is history, but no-one actually knows.

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