Monday, August 28, 2006
Monday and SBQ
I haven't answered one for a while, so here goes:

What do you keep your WIPs and other stitching supplies in when travelling?

I always carry my WIPs and supplies (apart from scissors normally) in my carry-on baggage, there is no way I would put them in the hold baggage. So this is fairly limiting, as I am also compelled to carry a laptop as well, if travelling on business, and this thing is heavy. And of course there's a few other things I need too, like newspaper, Sudoku book, makeup bag, camera, Ipod, pencil case, etc. At the moment I just put stuff in a mesh bag, the one that's about A4 size, and slip that into my backpack - I have a laptop backpack, because it's easier with the heavy laptop, and it also holds more than a standard computer bag.

It does mean I can't take much stuff with me on the plane, so I love it when I go somewhere on the train, and I can take scissors and whatever I want!

I only take things with me when I am travelling by plane or train, not around Paris if I am going somewhere or commuting, there is no way I could stitch on the metro, bus or suburban train.

And my view on the current restrictions on hand luggage? It's all ridiculous, I can't bear people who take their entire worldly goods into the cabin with them (as per practically all French people), but I think the present restrictions are just unrealistic. Just another example of how these extremist fanatics are ruling our lives....

Today I didn't want to get up, I was so tired after yesterday, and I didn't get here until 9:30am! I'm going to go home relatively early tonight as well, and carry on with QOTN, and try and have an early night.
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