Sunday, September 10, 2006
Horrible Fatigue
Well, I have never been so tired after flying........... I got into the apartment yesterday at 3pm, and by 5pm I was in bed asleep. Woke up about 11pm, then went to sleep again and got up at 8am. Now I am at work, oh yes, because I have to send Leo stuff and prepare for next week, Gil sent me a load of documents and I have to start giving workshops on Tuesday. Lovely. I also see they have given me Rates, why I do not know, as I know nothing about it.

I was lucky yesterday, while I was waiting for my luggage at the airport, the chauffeur with the sign for me came directly up to me, I was very surprised to see her inside the customs area, but she said she can often get in. So she took my bags directly from the carousel, which was great, because I had nearly 50 kilos of luggage.

On the plane I did read the new book by Maggie Alderson, "Cents and Sensibility", I do like her books, although I expect my sister would say they were a waste of time. I also did a little more on QOTN, I am nearly finished the front flap - nearly, nearly. I don't know how much more I will get done today - I have to do a washing, ironing, tidying etc marathon when I get home! No idea what I shall wear to work tomorrow.

My immediate plan is to go and get MacDo, then come back here to do what I have to do for Leo, then go home via WH Smith.... I can't believe the amount I've got to do and the small amount of time I have to do it in!
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