Thursday, September 07, 2006
Sad Day
Effectively it is my last day working with David, after two years, more or he goes home for the weekend, on Saturday I go home for two weeks, and when I come back he will not be here until about two days before I go away for good. So we are both rather sad, and have been insulting each other outrageously all day.

I still have a lot to do here, they have now told Rosetta and Andy that I will not be here for the next two weeks, and I think they know that when I come back it will not be for ever. So they have given me all their unanswered questions about life, the universe and everything. I can see me working for them in my spare time for the next two weeks.

I was talking to Nicky, he is now sharing a flat with Roddy - they share flats in Belfast - so two of my favourite people together. I hope they get on with each other. Nicky said, if they expect me to do everything on the Paris project, to insist on having help, because he thinks I was overburdened here. Which I was, it was a lot to do, especially for the first time I had a thread. And it sounds as though the Paris project will not be so much a thread, as Ariadne's web for me...

Last night I did finish that pesky band of flowers, so tonight I shall start on the large vase on the front flap. Maybe I will get this outside of QOTN finished soon. There is not so much stitching on the inside, but goodness, there is a lot of finishing.
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