Monday, October 09, 2006
Paris For A Week
I came back as planned on Saturday, as no-one told me not to... the flight was uneventful, although I noticed that all the French people getting on were wearing winter clothes, doubtless in preparation for Paris, and sweating heavily. I was glad to be sitting up the front with a row to myself.

After I got home, I did go out again, to Le Bon Marche, as I needed food and a whole lot of other things, including a new handbag (from Lamarthe, dark grey). Then I had to walk all the way home, as for some reason a demonstration over at Bastille meant no busses in the 7th. Go figure. So I slept quite a long time on Saturday night, a good eight hours. Sunday I slept a lot as well, apart from a small excursion to WH Smith and Loisirs & Creations.

Today I went to La Defense to collect my repaired computer, I was so glad to see it, with its brand new screen. And then I caught the tramway down here to Boulogne, where the systems integrator has offices. It is the back of beyond, but it has a view overlooking the Seine and the Musee de Sevres - which is the National Ceramic Museum, full of Sevres porcelain. To get home again, I am going to take a bus and a metro, it will take nearly an hour, I think, as this is quite a way, literally and metaphorically, from the 7th.

Partita progresses, I will try and take a picture of the running stitch border, I am being rather good and doing it in double-running, although it won't be seen - but it is good practice. I make a few mistakes and find myself going into a dead end, but on the whole I am doing well.
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